Univ.Ass. (prae-doc) Mag. Janko Paunović


Janko Paunović is a doctoral candidate and and University Assistant (prae-doc) for Univ.Prof. DDr. José-Domingo Rodríguez Martín at the Institute for Roman Law and Ancient Legal History at the University of Vienna.

Janko’s doctoral research is on the modern reception of Roman law in southeastern Europe, supervised by Univ. Prof. DDr. Rodríguez Martín. His work is based on archival research, with a focus on mediaeval statutes of Adriatic cities under Venetian rule.

Janko’s broader research interests include the legal status of the Roman province of Illyria and its citizens in the wider Empire, and the interaction between Roman law and local custom.

Before starting his doctoral research in 2022, Janko worked at the Oberlandesgericht Wien (Court of Appeals of Vienna), the Straflandesgericht Wien (Regional Criminal Court of Vienna), and the Bezirksgericht Donaustadt (District Court of Donaustadt), as well as in legal practice.

T: 43 1 4277 34433

E-mail: janko.paunovic[at]univie.ac.at 

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